Target Stand Brackets x2 (without Targets)
Target Stand Brackets x2 (without Targets)
Target Stand Brackets x2 (without Targets)

Target Stand Brackets x2 (without Targets)

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Build your own stand using these great end pieces. Add targets to your purchase and be ready to start shooting as soon as you finish the stand!

Last picture is an example of a completed stand. This listing only includes the (2) Stand Brackets.

Everything else is available from your local home improvement store.  Let's face it, if it's down range it's going to get abused.  With our system, you can be up and running again quickly and inexpensively.  The legs are 3/4" EMT and the cross bar is 14ga 1-5/8" Unistrut.  The holes in the targets and the strut allow 3/16" chain to pass thru, thus eliminating the need for expensive hooks, hasps, etc. 

Our stand is 4-1/2ft tall x 6ft wide allowing you to hang multiple targets and have them be visible at extreme ranges (where shorter designs suffer).  Further you can buy up to 10ft unistrut for an even longer stand with MORE targets!

After initial assembly, it quickly breaks down for transport into 5 pieces without tools.

Not compatible with our Simple Stand Hooks and Collars.

See this listing for details.

Field & Cave Outfitters will not be responsible for any injuries incurred while using our targets or supplies. Always err on the side of caution and follow these tips: Quick Reference and User Guide for Steel Targets

Parts sold in this set are Made in the USA.