Rock Creek Barrels

Rock Creek Barrels

The Team at Rock Creek manufactures small lots of premium barrels in Albany Wisconsin.  The barrels that Field & Cave Outfitters stock are all single point cut rifled, hand lapped, 416R stainless steel.  They also all have a very slight gain twist to serve as a "choke" without reducing the bore diameter at the muzzle. 

We are proud to stock Rock Creeks in popular benchrest and F-Open bores, twists & tapers.  We also offer two rifling types in the 6MM.  Rock Creek is well known for their variation of the 5R.  This is their most popular rifling configuration & for good reason. They just plain shoot & clean very easily.  We are also very excited that Rock Creek recently collaborated with a top Montana based 1,000 yard benchrest gunsmith to develop Rock Creek's unique version of a 4 groove.  Calling it the 4 Hybrid (4H for short), the drive side of the lands are square - like a traditional 4 groove barrel.  The back side of the lands taper to the bore diameter.  As compared to a traditional 4 groove, the 4H lessens stress on bullet jackets and cleans up easier, as there are half the sharp corners for stubborn carbon to accumulate.  Early returns show exceptional accuracy and perhaps a slight increase in muzzle velocity.

These barrels are in high demand and often the lead times are quite long.  Get yours while you can and "Hit it with a Rock!"

 Rock Creek Contours CLICK HERE.

Important Consumer Information:

  • These are barrel blanks.  They must be chambered & fitted to your receiver by a competent gunsmith.
  • All barrels require 1" or more to be removed from the muzzle end.  A 29" blank will finish to 28" maximum.
  • Field & Cave cannot accept returns on barrels that have been altered in any way.
  • Make sure to save the chamber end stub with the factory markings.  It's the only 100% identifiable way to track your barrel back to the factory.  In the unlikely event that you have a question, or are not satisfied, you'll need this information.

No international sales.  USA delivery addressed only.


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