Printed Gongs

Field & Cave Outfitters is proud to introduce an industry exclusive.  You can now order our 3/8” AR500 & ½” AR550 10” round gongs with printed target images!  Cleaner & more durable than paint, these are printed with an industrial ink.  And we’re only adding $3.00 to the price for one side, or $5.00 for both sides.  Once you’ve shot them up, you’re left with our standard, high quality gong that you can paint as you would any other steel target.

Why not use Steel Targets as Trophies?!?!

If you host competitions and are looking for something different and more useful than a plaque or trophy, give us a call.  We can custom print targets to your specification – and probably for the same price or less than you’re currently paying for the “fake wood”. Purchase the Trophy gong below or click here to request a custom gong!