Precision Elevation Adjustment Screw **FREE SHIPPING** - Field & Cave Outfitters
Precision Elevation Adjustment Screw **FREE SHIPPING** - Field & Cave Outfitters

Precision Elevation Adjustment Screw **FREE SHIPPING**

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Field & Cave’s Precision Elevation Adjustment Screw is designed specifically for long range benchrest shooters to give them finer elevation control.  Traditional speed screws are great for gross elevation adjustments, but lack the sensitivity and precision that’s required for minute POA adjustments.  Born from the request of a world record holding 1,000 yard shooter, our Precision Elevation Adjustment Screw made its debut at the 1,000yd IBS Nationals.  They were well received, so we refined them and added them to our lineup.  Once you try one, you’ll wonder how you managed with a traditional speed screw.

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  • Precision CNC machined 1-1/2” diameter 7075 aluminum knob. The knob is compatible with our Sinclair Competition Rest Wrench so it can be used as a cat tail for the ultimate in aiming precision.
  • Each revolution gives .05” of plunger travel. On traditional speed screws, this is approximately .170” per revolution (3.4 times more course).  Our precision screw also gives you a greater mechanical advantage to easily move heavy rests.  It also resists settling or unwanted movement that sometimes happens with course pitched screws.
  • ½-20 B7 threaded post will fit any rest with ½-20 threaded hole for the speed screw
  • Thrust ball bearing for smooth operation
  • ¼” diameter hardened steel plunger assembly. 45 degree tapered end to fit bench pads.
  • Plunger is spring loaded to keep the bearing properly seated in the cap during transport & storage.
  • Approximately 11/16” of plunger travel, stop-to-stop. Travel on target is approximately 40 MOA.  This will vary depending on the distance between bags and the front rest that you are using.
  • Works great with our Sinclair Competition Rest Aluminum Base Plate and our original steel base plate.
  • Easily disassembled for cleaning & lubrication. No tools required.
  • Lubrication hole in the cap for the bearing. Simply add a drop of oil periodically.
  • Does not include jam nut. The factory nut from your speed screw is compatible.

Made in TX, USA

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